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Over 30 Years…

It’s been over 30 years since the business that now is Property Care was established. The founders started with a simple thought in mind: There’s a need for a parking lot cleaning service provider in the Tampa Bay area. Through sheer determination and a commitment to commercial real estate client satisfaction Property Care increased its client base and new service lines were added. Progressing into the landscape services seemed only natural over 20 years ago.

“I didn’t get in this business thinking about the short-term,” Founder Mike Rustenberghe says as he thinks back. “I always knew it (Property Care) could be something great for commercial property owners and managers. And, that’s what I’ve tried to do – build something great for the clients.” Property Care has expanded to cover Central Florida including the Orlando area, Tampa Bay and the surrounding counties.
The goal of making a real estate professional’s job easier has always been the pulse of the Property Care. The market looks a whole lot different than it did 30 years ago. Real estate professionals face increased competition for tenants with a tougher task of driving both shareholder and tenant value. The service providers of 10 years ago, never mind 30 years ago, have had to adapt.
“I honestly just got tired of looking at the problem to solve the same way and expecting to deliver new or better value,” says Eric Schultz, President of Property Care. “We need to stop being a vendor and start being a true partner. This is going to take trust. This going to take fluid communication and responsiveness. We need mutual concern for the wellbeing of all stakeholders that create value and create jobs from a real estate asset. It can’t just be about a better price, better quality, or better service. Let’s instead focus on how we can provide a better experience.”

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Our goal is to provide frictionless real‐estate services for your property maintenance needs.  Contact us and request a proposal so that we can begin collaborating today.